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Welcome Home

Autor principal: ANDREI CRACIUN

In the Great Britain Exhibition Pavilion at Bookfest 2019, the main focus was put on the notion of social and cultural safety and acceptance, which underpin the Crossing Boarders program. Starting from these prerequisites we tried to identify a space that could accommodate a multicultural social program that equally does not force but attract and provoke cultural interactions.

This is how we came to the Welcome Home concept, where users feel the experience of a home's full security and encourage sublime cohabitation in both human interaction and cultural exchanges.

In our quest to create the right home, we stopped at the English architecture represented by a reinterpretation of Victorian style. The choice of architectural style has been influenced by the character that the English home has gained in recent years, that of a borderless and barrier-free place.This is evidenced by the fact that it is no longer a surprise when you come into a home in the UK and see, sitting at the same table, people belonging to different cultures and continents of the world, people who share experiences and develop friends, not having account of the social differences between them.

Based on this concept, we were able to create a space consisting of 3 rooms, each respecting a certain design theme.

The main area, where users get familiar with the pavilion, is the Dining area, considered by us, the motor of communication inside a home. This place, whose theme is marked by the long table with seats on both sides, aims to bring together all the visitors of the exhibition and at the same time to offer them the opportunity to integrate into the social context.

The second room, Living, is the space for debates and book launches, but also for those who want to deepen one of the exposed books. This is encouraged by the warm design of the room, bounded by the Bookcase walls, in the center of which are 3 sofas positioned in such way that they do not isolate but bring visitors closer.

The third room was designed for children and was placed so that the safety and privacy from the exterior is higher in comparison with the rest of the pavilion.. In the case of this space, the theme was the playroom in which children can make their own space (with the help of Bean bags), without feeling confined by furniture or other fixed elements. However, the only accent of the room is the armchair, the place designated as "the parents place", where all the stories of childhood start.

In conclusion, through the Welcome Home concept, we have tried to recreate, through both interior and exterior elements, the authentic atmosphere of an English house, the place of social inclusion, safety and cultural collisions.

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