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Nume/birou: NUCA Studio
Autor principal: Robert Marin
Coautori: Irina Mateescu

We only offer our bodies the freedom to suffer from new addictions, small pleasures - more abstract, being attracted by the complexity that seems to us to be innovative. We are trying to keep up with the present, but we are distracted by the fireworks that we can only dream to reach, through a long journey that leaves enough room for fantasy and imagination.

However, the fireworks momentum is one reason for the suffering from the loss of distance (Bogdan Ghiu, The Inconstruction, p.106): if we try to find ourselves in a spatial environment through contemplative recreation, we will encounter difficulties in delimiting space and approximating distances. The first distances and measures create the context and size of our image stocked in the memory.

The soil has already dissappeared

Is the title of an aticle that presents numerous young architects, în the Japan Arhitect 86 magazine (The Next Generation Manifestations of Architecture under 35). The article describes the new era where the situation seems to be one în which, instead of the soil selecting the seed, the seed selects the soil.

We can let ourselves cross limits where we know how they work, and if we refer also to the work of Yunya Ishigami (the 9.5x2.6m, 3mm thick table), what he calls and test, the Limits of Rationality, are limits that we, as person need to experience and let our curiosity act în order to become interested once again.


The freeness în the module of 2MM is an invitation to the playground of the bookstand. The free space delimited only by the 22 pieces of furniture, with very low height, offers boundless sights across this space. The only limits are the books, stacked one over the other, a flexible and constant active limit that will slowly decrease – with the help of the curious visitor.

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