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Premiul III


Autor principal: Dragoș Oprea

A place is defined by its boundaries – limits that model its universal utility into a space for a specific purpose. The moment they materialize, the place starts “being” something.

On the perimeter, the reading area creates the first boundary – a wall which harbours within it shelves of books. In this way, instead of presenting a hard limit, this first boundary creates the idea of a soft barrier which is enhanced by the stories the shelves bear upon them – stories of reconciliation and closeness.

The interior space is organised through full vertical planes which will intersect to create chambers – starting with the narrow lobby. The other spaces will encourage various uses and activities through its composition – the scale, the objects within, the order expressed. A long table will invite you to sit down and listen to your childhood’s story or it will compel you to slip around it to find your spot or to withdraw under the intimate light of a floor lamp.

From the outside the light will amplify the illusion of this barrier that restricts passage but not sight. From within, their vague presence - or rather their quasi-absence – will suggest either a quicker pace or a slower one accompanied by whispers or even a stop for a small chat.

Technical details

The shell

This will comprise of a threadlike structure formed from round metal bars attached through connectors, a choice which will later allow the structure to be recycled and resued at the end of the exhibition. Within the wall there will be wooden bookshelves protected by a mesh through which books can be easily seen and studied; they however can only be reached by going through the entire interior maze of the pavilion. The shelves, painted blue, will define an intermittent line in the same way the books themselves appear when placed there.

The entrance will be marked with a blue box inserted in the structure created by the piping from the corridor junctions. The actual entry point will be a section in this box.

Interior walls

The walls will be built using MDF boards fixed to a wooden frame; they will be covered in wallpapers depicting various drawn scenes and graphics. Within the wall’s thickness there will be concealed storage areas for clothes and personal items.


The furniture will be commissioned at a later date and will be either crafted bespoke or rented for the duration of exhibition.


There will be hanging lamps “within” the wall which will flood the shelves with soft light and put them at the centre of the visitors attention. In each room there will be a chandelier – square, round or oval, depending on the space or on the activity that it will provide light for.

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