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Interactive Arts Box

Autor principal: arh. Aurel STOICANA
Coautori: arh. Paul CSETERKY
Colaboratori arhitectură: arh. Adrian DUMITRESCU
Colaboratori specialități: Grafician Cezar MUNTEANU

Design concept: Interactive Arts Box, our Crossing borders contest project participation is a module of overlapping layers of various activities, as a place of inclusion of everyone who wants to participate. Our project design solution for the UK stand at Bucharest Bookfest 2019 tries to solve as a flexible box as possible, the functional / form object-user relationship conferring also an architectural expression unit of the proposed interior space for book display as well as Interactive Arts events at the already famous fair which will take place in June in the beautiful capital of Romania….Thus, a central spine represented by a diagonal path that makes possible the free passage and direct connection with each specific area, without a rigid physical barrier, tries to be in line with the concept of "Crossing borders";  the spine is represented by a brightly colored huge  pencil featuring the connotation tool of both the writer and the illustrator of children's books, functioning as immediate access - books and tools container for children -  who can have drawing and creative activities spatial linked just next to the area with few places on tables, a TV set and access to electronic tablets; on the one side of the diagonal spine will be placed the totems with the astonishing book illustration corner for children, which will attract the visitors of the entire exhibition, as well as the point of book sale Carturesti. On the other side will placed the Stage scene where various activities acting as interactive platform, famous people discourse, storytelling events, play and draw within the space; on the side walls with the existing parapet walls will be surrounded with a vivid colorful cardboard on a printed wallpaper, as well as a structure surrounding the perimeter hanging from the roof with poster of the organizers below 7.00m high.

Construction Materials and technical support: The objects that will furnish the stand will be made as possible from recycling or eco materials, Extruded tubular cardboard also for walls (will be acrylic on the face), MDF Medium-density fiberboard for furniture pieces PAL Melamine white (glossy to the front) for the expo tooth and step stage, bookshelves and exhibition stand, Polyvinyl colorful Banner, Forex colorful matte and transparent font for letters, Laminate flooring from OSB, Extruded polystyrene colored front for letters as is presented in technical project; EUROTRUSS metal beams for the lighting support structure and 100W Arm Spots, Ceiling Spotlights, UK Inner LED Tape, SI Shelves & Shelves, 300W Reflectors which will be leased as all other objects that do not require a customized design so that the investment does not exceed the amount allocated for the arrangement with mounting and disassembled included.

Ethics and aesthetics discourse: Design scenario thought has been geared towards this global flow of information, books, publishers, writers, artists and the public; no physical or political boundaries can obstruct the access of young people and everyone to cultural exchanges, interaction with true culture and education, literature, mass media and art as the basic binders of a society with solid foundations. Perhaps we have not looked for the best design solution but one that brings a new valuation to architecture/interior design deriving from the conferring of exhibition space and activities carried out with maximum pleasure and freedom to interact with arts, storytelling including all those who loves English Language, writings, the students as well as writers, children book illustrators, artists, journalists and all kind professional or just common people, children with physical and mental disabilities, carried out by a non-discrimination strategy, a sense of charity, teamwork and joy of doing well! So the design finds an exciting motivation for interdisciplinarity and a new linguistic/aesthetic narrator discourse, in the contexts of simply socio-cultural experiments, but different from the past.

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