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Nume/birou: S.C. JB ARHITECTURA S.R.L. / arh. Johannes Andreas Bertleff
Autor principal: arh. Johannes Bertleff, sculptor Virgil Scripcariu
Coautori: arh. Ioana Mitrica, arh. Ana Potoschi, arh Sebastian Cucu, arh. Adrian Ianchis
Colaboratori specialități: fotograf Andrei Ostafi

Crossing Borders to Meet Each Other

The concept behind the pavilion is built on the embodiment of the text, the character that comes to life and the book, as a spiritual vehicle that connects us to others. It’s a pavilion for a book trade, a paradoxical place by definition, a means to trade and expose ideas, a place where ideas and their holders meet, where countless boarders are crossed while physical and spiritual path intersect. In the midst of this mundane dynamics, we try to reveal the equally real existence of spiritual gesture and to reaffirm the role of the book and culture as an arbitrator between the immediate plan of existence and the one of spiritual values.

The pavilion expresses two planes, a functional and a symbolic one, in two distinct and overlapping levels.

All the functions are laid on the level of the general circulation which are necessary for the everyday functioning, thus, there is a space for the exhibition, a playground, a conference space and an exhibition zone. The entire layout is composed as an urban living room with seemingly familiar, unpretentious, generic furniture. The furniture is intentionally kept at a low height (below 1 m), so that the perception of the entire space is not obstructed. The furniture is light and made out of recycled materials (paper and carboard- leftovers from book manufacture). The flooring is made out of OSB wooden boards. Both the furniture and the flooring are covered with papier mache.

This approach allows maximum of flexibility in creating diverse configurations of the space utilisation, depending of the scenario wanted. Above this plan, dedicated to the visitors float a series of human figures fixated on metal stilts. The symbolistic associated to these figures is open and invites to multiple interpretations. They can be the characters of books that circulate beyond the limits of a personal book and culture, populating the imagination of readers from all the corners of the world; they can be people that bring with their coming in another culture new ideas and perspectives; they can be the new “superideas” that change the world. They are the figures that cross the borders for meeting the others.

The human silhouettes are made out of cardboard and for safety will be hung from the pavilion's metallic structure.

The general lighting will be done with ceiling stoplights. On the lower level, the lighting will consist of several table and floor lamps that will create the ambient light.

In the Brexit context, the pavilion seeks to emphasize the civilizing role of culture and books and the fact that ideas can unite us much more than any political decision can separate us; British culture still remains an essential part of European culture. Last but not least, the pavilion bows to British self-irony. So Keep Calm and Start Reading!

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