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Under the same sky

Autor principal: Arh. Andrei‐Eugen Lakatoş, Arh. Andreea‐Maria Constantin, Arh. Maria Cristina Şopîrleanu

The pavilion’s concept starts from the idea that boundaries between people, cultures, cities, countries will always exist. These boundaries maintain the unique particularities of each entity, but, in the same time, they limit the interactions. Some of the elements that unite and disable boundaries are books and English, a international language.

The pavilion proposes a hierarchy of spaces and functional delimitation on 2 levels. The resulting space creates experiences through different types of limits. It’s a migration from opaque limits to transparent ones, from horizontal to vertical, from narrow spaces to wide spaces.

Ground floor is divided in 2 zones: the conference and book presentation zone and the second zone for book exhibition, selling and info point. This space is flexible and can be modified if it will be necessary. But there are elements that are fixed and indispensable for the pavilion: the sides with books shelves and the vertical wall. There are 3 types of shelves: shelves for illustrations, book shelves, shelves with seats for reading. This creates dynamism. The central wall it is a mark of the pavilion, it will be covered with the logo.

The children's area is situated upstairs to create a secure and creative space, with an exciting view of the fair. Metaphorically, children represent the future; they are looking to the future, with a knowledge foundation, so they are the ones who will know how to cross the boundaries and reach up.

The pavilion wants to become a landmark in the frame of the fair, therefore, the ground and floor spaces are unified by the proposed installation - those polycarbonate sheets. Conceptually, these sheets represent some sheets of paper. They also have the role of diffusing the light and create the idea of sky that unites everything.

The visitors can write some thoughts on one of the stairs wall. In this way, the organizers will have a souvenir from this important event - the first participation of the Great Britain at Bookfest in Romania.

The pavilion is made up of white pal wood to become a background for books and their colored covers. Transparent elements are made of polycarbonate. The combination of these materials makes the pavilion easy to install or dismantle, becoming suited for other events too.

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