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Permissive Borders - Permissive Views

Autor principal: Popescu Viorica Anamaria

Design Concept

The design of the stand aims at visually illustrating, by means of architectural elements, the headline of United Kingdom's presence and activity during Bookfest 2019 and the values that lays behind it: that physical and national barriers can be overcome by means of cultural exchange.

Functional description

The layout of the stand separates and, at the same time, unifies the three functional spaces that it contains: the selling area, the public events area and the kids area.

The element that defines the three spaces is the continuous panel that displays the Drawing Words exhibit. This element permits the free flux of visitors from one area to another in a convenient but controlled manner. All of the activities inside the stand can take place at the same time without creating disturbances to each other. Parents can attend book talks and presentations while the children enjoy the dedicated space.

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