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Playing in the crossroad

Autor principal: ARH. MIREL JICHIŢA

Rules of the game: Heaven, Earth and five different type of players

Motto: Beside the real world that we are living in, there is the world of books that we are dreaming in. Somewhere we will find the crossroad

Keyword: Crossroad

Basic Concepts: 

Heaven: light, dream, floating, horizon, umbrella

Book: word, dialogue, story, science, society

Earth: human being, protection, territory, footprint, scene

Graphical presentation: It includes the crossing among three planes: the background picture, the technical drawing and the written text. The background picture represents „the dream”, the story built by the world of books, an emotional framework that shows the detachment from the material world and, also, from the eyes of the curious spectators. The Balloon detaches from the ground and floats, looking for the crossroad between the two worlds.

The technical drawing is not paginated, but suspended (or placed into a suspension point) between the imaginative frame and the written text that is describing and naming it. The written text pierces the two planes, marking by white and black the intersection among them.

Description of solution: The solution contains three layers, described in the Basic Concepts section: „Heaven”, „Book” and „Earth”. They are presented in „Playing in the Crossroad”.

a. The „Heaven” Layer. Consists of two areas: the Projectors Area (+6.50/+7.00) and the Ceiling Area (+2.50/+6.50). The two areas are presented in the ”Fourth, Fifth, Sixth play in the crossroad” drawing boards. The light beam of the projectors is one-directional towards the floor and marks at that level the geographical position of the 28 European Union Capital Cities. The light beams intersect and unite the layers vertically, thus marking up the pavilion’s position. They can be controlled precisely, partially or generally, depending on the area and the type of the event. The price is included in the estimated budget (even if it falls under the organizer’s responsibility), due to the importance for the proposed concept. The ceiling, light and formed of two thin intersecting planes, printed with the European Union’s map, is visible from all parts of the hall. It floats between the cover and the base and it marks off the pavilion’s area. In terms of construction, the ceiling is made of two fine membranes, tensed inside the rigid frames. Symbolically, the ceiling represents an umbrella that gathers, protects and marks the British Council’s pavilion place.

b. „The Book”, or the „Five types of players”, Layer. „The Book” comes from the way the concept intersects and works at the social, functional and constructive level. „Five types of players” represent the Crossroad in general and in particular, for each concept, whether visual or constructive. Social Concept: it refers to visual interaction human-to-human, human-to-art, and the intersection between generations, by promoting the dialogue. Functional Concept: inside a created cell, the areas are marked by spotlight, by color and by low furniture pieces. Functional areas presented in the “Second play in the crossroad” are: The Debate and Book, Presentation Area (exhibit impulse product); The Children Area; The Book Selling Area; The Information Point Area; The Study and Book Exhibition Area (separate from the active areas). The exhibition of the „Drawing Words” project, and other posters, will be exposed on 8 stands, as independent, mobile, folded elements, that can be moved and arranged to define different areas and activities. The Constructive Concept: the space is divided in five types of detachable, removable and folded modules, presented in “Third play in the crossroad”.

c. The „Earth” Layer. The floor has two types of color that intersect each other. It represents the European Union map. The light beam is pointing the European Union Capital Cities. 

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