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Autor principal: Márton Ildikó


The headline Crossing Borders suggests an ideal message for people who want to explore, discover and understand the United Kingdom. We have to learn from each other not only to now/familiarize with/learn how other nations think but also to reanalyse our behaviour.

My concept brings something learnable from the nature too. The idea of spider web beside the crossing borders message reflects the feeling how a good book works on us. According to Konrad Lorenz's studies Animal Behaviour is in response to its surroundings. All animals respond to their surroundings. A cat, for example, will arch its back when threatening a rival, but lower its body when stalking a mouse. Everything that an animal does and the way in which it does it makes up its behaviour. An animal’s behaviour enables it to increase its chances of survival and find a mate so that it can pass on its genes to the next generation. Some behaviours are inbuilt or instinctive.

Others are learned during the animal’s lifetime. Web Spinning: Many species of spider, including black widow spider, spin webs in order to trap their insect food. Web spinning is purely instinctive. A spider would not have time in its limited life to learn how to construct such a complex structure. 

Learned Behaviors: Learning occurs when an animal adapts to its surroundings by changing its behaviour. By responding to experiences and adaptive to changing conditions, an animal increases its chances of survival. Learning takes time and animals that are dependent on learned behaviour have long lives and large brains.


Book talks and presentation area: This area is placed in the calmest part of the stand. It continues and completes the idea of taking care of the children's area. The materials and colours are the same as in the information desk and sales point. It includes the small stage – as it was mentioned in the theme – and its capacity is for at least 40 people.

Kid's corner: This area is the safest and this is the area where is the easiest to understand the idea of spider web. Also you can complete the initial chalk drawings.

Book selling area: In this area appear 12 book shelves. Each of them can be used on both sides. One side is mainly for frontal exposure. This side is oriented towards the circulation area. The interior part of the bookshelves also offers place to the Drawing Words children’s illustration exhibition. The information desk area is the first place and it can be found at the first corner. In the second corner is placed the sales point. Both of them have the same type of furniture and by their placement suggest the idea of taking care of the stand. 

The concept is based on colourful messages what books are capable to bring in our life and also symbolizes the healthy ways of crossing borders.

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