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Circled Cerulean Square

Autor principal: Mădălina Ioana GURJII
Coautori: Răzvan SALOMIA

With the risk of losing the spectacular aspect of the architectural form, on which we do not rely on this particular case, in conceiving of the stand we seek for modeling the space through minimal interventions. Trying to create a space destinated to serve different kinds of purposes, including social dialog, and which also has to come out to greet some individual needs like those inherent, spiritual ones, seems at first sight as an impossible mission just like the problem of Squaring the circle of ancient geometers. This kind of construction was proved to be just impossible.

As a metaphor, the bidirectional equivalence between a circle and a square can be possible in an aesthetic way of thinking. Just as books open spheres with wide horizons, so the limited space of Great Britain stand can expand beyond its rectangularity. Therefore, in our project, the elements that mark off the limits of space of the stand, are transparent. Even more, these elements are meant to invite anyone through their functional aspect (bookshelves, exhibition wall). We believe that in this way, generally speaking, the outlines of severe borders between the interior and exterior space would get dissolved in the conscience of the visitor. Therefore we, the ones who proposed this project, are modeling the rectangular aspects of the stand, and the circularity is to be accomplished by the visitors and participants at events that will take place at Great Britain Bookfest stand.

We aim through our project, not the volumetrically designed space but the very LIVED SPACE. Conducting sensorial experience of the space is actually our aim. On this line, our objective relies heavily on the chromatic element, on the formal-functional minimalism, on generosity and spatial opening, on functional circularity, on participative offer. There is not an object that stands for the heart of the stand but the very emptiness that waits to be filled with people that are about to cross the threshold of the stand.

The circular space of the square evolves on two main axes: AX 1. the SCENE – the AUDIENCE – the EXHIBITION PANEL; AX 2. The PLAYGROUND-TABLE. The cerulean of bookshelves, the wooden grids that mark the internal space of the stand, symbolizes the celestial background populated with books, artworks, but also by the projections of people participating at Bookfest. Overhead will float transparent textiles in shades of blue. On the floor, we chose as material, continuous carpet targeting to complete the sensorial experience (tactile, visual and phonetic). Colored wood is the predominant material in order to accomplish the hospitality of the space.

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