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The Spiral

Autor principal: Amalia Nedelcu, Bogdan Botoi, Claudiu Zidărescu, Ruxandra Sandovici, Sorin Istudor

Both types of borders- either territorial or cultural- can only be crossed trough art, literature and culture mainly because- despite all the difference between individuals, the only true common thing they share is creativity.

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest ways to mutual understanding is through that kind of art that is dedicated to children.

The project’s main point is to draw attention to the exhibits- the books and the illustrations, part of the exhibition entitled “Drawing Words”- by creating an open and fluid space. The elements used for the exhibition are individual objects that create a “soft” limit for the pavilion- elements which consist of a wooden module for the book exhibition and a pannel dedicated to the related illustrations. There are 6 pannels, 2 of which contain illustrations on only one side, whereas the rest display illustrations on both faces.

The height of each pannel is different. The vertical growth of the pannels equals the horizontal growth of their support, so as they describe a spiral. Those pannels that gradually rise can be regarded as a metaphor for knowledge that provides understanding- a kind of understanding that also comes gradually.

The spiral eventually reaches the corner of the pavilion-the area dedicated to children. This area has two limits made of library walls that hide the wall of the existing stairs. The space is flexible and can change its configuration -as the furniture can easily be moved and removed.

Also, the pavilion has an “amphiteatre” which hosts conferences and book talks.

Thus, the spiral encompasses all the functions necessary for a book pavilion : particular exhibiting modules, book storage, reading places that can switch to a conference place and a child-friendly space that can host various activities.

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