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Bridge of Words

Autor principal: MARIUS ICHIM
Colaboratori specialități: RADU ȘUTEU, INNVISION.RO

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became flesh. As humans, we have the word ingrained in us.

Words are the fingerprint of our mind and, when these are written down, they become a sign of existence. As Alfred Tennyson once said, ‘words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within’, and we believe there’s nothing in the world more truthful that this. Words are a social binder, a tool through which we know the world, and, at the same time, we made ourselves known.

The word is meaning, and it creates art. Words are a bridge through which we can reach the others. I believe that our need to communicate is far more important that any cultural difference: words give us the possibility to learn from every person we meet. Therefore, we projected a space where words become totems, they become symbols of the boundaries that they broke down. It is already known that English has become a universal language, and we believe that using it for the British Council stand is an expressive way to show how much it matters that the links between Great Britain and our country should remains as strong as ever.

The Bridge of Words is crossing borders.

What are words if not some letters put together? As twenty-six letter can create thousands, even tens of thousand words, so do we – as communities – manage to create unique experiences through our cultural baggage.

The Bridge of Words is the key element of this project and it stands as a metaphor for the power of words. Like Tower Bridge, words have the power to separate, and at the same time, to unite different parts of the world. We also wanted to share the idea that there will always be a strong link between Great Britain and our country, marked by culture and words.

We wanted to create a space where all the special areas communicate fluently with each other. For the book selling area, we chose GRID cubes to create the shelves: through their minimalist and elegant design, these let the books speak for themselves. The book talks and presentations area will be created from pallets, to which, for safety reasons, we added a multilayer wood panel. Kids’ corner will be marked with a little, wireframe house, made of aluminum. This can create an intimate space for kids to play, while their parents can visit other areas of the stand. Next to this corner, we placed the panels dedicated to the Drawing Words exhibition. Last, but not least, the info point will have its own area, highlighted by callouts that will be used as indicators.

The project is designed to create both an ecological and a safe space: almost every element can be re-used, including GRID cubes, bean bags, illumination systems and pallets. We also used fireproof materials in order to avoid any danger.

One last meaning that we ‘incorporated’ in this stand is about words as an artifact of humanity. There is no word without a human being writing it in the first place, as it is no chance to keep our countries united without our active participation. If we put letters together, we gain words. If we put nations together, we gain culture.

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