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Hovering Between

Autor principal: Codru Tatiana-Oana
Coautori: Apopei Andrei-Ionuţ


The motivation is a playful, innocent one. At the same time, we propose a place of freedom - cultural and spiritual. Once on the raft, a path full of diversity opens, an odyssey of self-discovery, crystallizing and also exploring friendships based on smooth and clear watercourses.

The diffuse state

Nowadays, some of us, both physically and spiritually, is between two or more states. When you lose your identity, you do not know where or to whom you belong. You are amorphous in a diverse and cryptocrystalline world. From a physical point of view, it is the moment when the border expands as the maritime horizon, and between two shores remains a very large gap. The horizon thus has a primordial role to be explored and ultimately to be reached. On the other hand, from the spiritual point of view, it is the moment when you cannot identify with a certain group, like a water stream drifting lawlessly away.

Hovering between

In these moments you need a platform on which to step and take you safely on the other side. Physically speaking - the raft, spiritually speaking - art, helps you understand and see the whole world, but at the same time, takes you home. The raft is an archetype with the primary role of rescue through knowledge and recognition, where the intrinsic values of each being are the most important resources to explore and exploit on its deck.

Design concept

Our proposal is a structure consisting of 28 wooden frames (in the shape of a compass), aligned to the left and right of the platform on which all the activities are carried out. These frames support wooden bleachers, bookshelves, and also lighting fixtures, information panels, and exhibitions such as "Drawing Words". Also, the structure allows the positioning of the info-point and the cash point, each between two frames. The wooden bleachers divide the platform into two ample spaces: one for discussions and conferences and a smaller and more secure one for children. Above the platform are white pieces of canvas to create an intimate and cosy place in such a vast and heterogeneous space. Under the bleachers, there is storage space for books, furniture, and various other necessary objects.

The sustainability of this proposal lies in the fact that these frames can be reused for other stands of different shapes. Moreover, the bleacher's modularity allows them to move to different positions, offering space flexibility, and they can also be used in future events. Besides the aesthetic and social qualities, bleachers offer an economic advantage and can accommodate a large number of people.

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