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Crossing Borders

Nume/birou: Moka Studio Design
Autor principal: Carmen Ivan
Coautori: Natasa Lee Andrei, Alexandru Ivanciu, Raluca Popp

CROSSING BORDERS is a concept that should speak about the idea of breaking a boundary that should never exist in the first place. It speaks about the limits we all desire to dissolve into a multicultural space, free and idyllic, architectured with love, imagination and culture, to witch we all aspire.

Art, literature and culture are present here in an apparently closed premises that reveals itself once you approach it, after changing ones position, as in life, when the passion for discovering the true essence of a concept, requires an extra step or interest.

It has been designed so that after taking a few steps towards it you come to understand that in fact the separation walls are transformed into a protective cover for all the important exhibits there, art and culture condensed into books.

The walls are equally protection, organizers, storage and exhibiting space while their other side, facing the exterior, is clearly branded to reflect the association to British Council and Great Britain. Though initially is seems that a huge shell separates this space from the whole exhibition, you soon come to discover that it's opened on both sides addressed to the public, having more then a half of their length accessible.

The main direction is given by linking these two major entrances, appearing as a diagonal connected to the rest of the public space and who provides the access from all feasible sides, bearing a subtle resemblance to the diagonal on the Union Jack.

The space unfolds once you enter the premises into a dynamic book store, with plenty of space to organize the many genres of books, storage, a separated and well protected area for the young, an exhibiting corner for the illustrations, info and cash desk, and a multipurpose space to host from book launching to debating sessions.

The furniture and walls are developed around the idea of recycling materials, with little if none manufacturing, made of residual wooden chips or flakes such as OSB board, reprocessed paper - cardboard and basic and none expensive carpeting in the children designated area.

The shell is 90% left as it is, with no additional varnish, seen from the inside of the stand while the exterior is colored and branded allowing you to see simultaneously both the CROSSING BORDERS theme and branding.

The majority of stand is neutral as to sustain the idea of openness and reverence to what is the whole purpose of the fair - books, carefully divided and exhibited by genres with additional lighting attached to the entire shell.

Accents of color are present to better differentiate certain areas and the furniture is mostly modular so that it allows variety in displaying the items, seating and storage. Multicolored bookmarks are hanged from the ceiling to catch the eyes of the passers.

The illustrated book genres is exhibited close to the children area, near the cash point in the form of an over sized book. Certain paths are designed to guide you through the entire space color marked on the pavement with sticker.

Also a stage is present in the area designed for debates and presentations that can accommodate other activities too when the former aren't taking place.

To summarize all the above, we designed a space entirely dedicated to the presentation of the books, divided to allow multiple activities simultaneously but which can function as well as a whole, made of recycled modular and environmentally friendly materials, with a couple of colored touches to better highlight the major areas and guide you through the entire space, gain awareness and reflect the idea of an opened to everyone multicultural territory, barrier free from any kind of constrains and assumptions.

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