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Crossing borders

Autor principal: Romeo Popa

The main concept it’s a hexagon because represents a shape with 6 sides open to all directions, exactly like the given theme - crossing borders – . Shared in a few distinct areas, the children's area is somewhere in the middle, closed on 3 sides and with access to a book shelf, through this area you can pass in all parts, there will be 4 tables with a total of 20 seats (the furniture for children will be rented). The area is designed in such a way that children feel safer and have more opportunities to use their free time, from drawing to tables to the possibility of drawing on panels of plexiglax sandblasted on which they can draw with the kite that can be easily removed. Easy access to a segment of books that will be dedicated to children.

The conference area is designed to accommodate about 40 people per chair or several standing depending on the type of event, the small stage also contains a presentation panel with an overhead projector - a panel that will be made of reusable elements - a wooden frame with paper and a white textile cloth, connected to one of the parts with a book stand to create comfort and animate the spaces at all times.

The point of access to the stand is made from the presentation desk made of red plastic material for a touch of color and with a system of illuminated letters to attract attention. From the same material will be the sales / information desk where there will be two persons. The bank will make the connection between these shelves and also being a relaxation area. The bank between these area will be one of the top material mix of wood reused from other objects and down depending on the final costs from book blocks or reused wood, painted white and lighted to create a pleasant atmosphere.

There will be 3 library bookshelves that define the edges of the entire presentation stand, the bottom will be closed to store various stocks or objects that will not be exposed directly, the book volume displayed may be sufficient and related to these stands will take into account that there is also a small staircase with 3-4 steps in height to reach the top, in the pedestal area there will be a light band that will light up at the bottom.

The lights will also have a hexagonal appearance made of wood / plywood and inside will be light either from neon elements or from LED strips.

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