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We are all under the same sky

Nume/birou: Curelariu
Autor principal: aPunct
Coautori: Anca Jipa, Bogdan Curelariu, Ciprian Buzdugan, Lucian Cocea-Lionescu

We have been living in a world full of barriers, both territorial and psychological, where our beliefs, traditions or even misconceptions have perpetually drawn sharp lines of segregation. In the same world that is rapidly heading to globalization, the lines can be bent, the wall is starting to become transparent, knowledge and culture are there to be discovered, but it is us who have to reach for the information, to learn, to emphasize in order to understand that differences can bring us together, all under the same sky.

Concept and use of materials

Our idea for this pavilion is a series of metaphors that materialize through shape, texture and light. The barrier is there, but its sharpness is softened by the use of a curved, transparent curtain, to let you know that something is happening, but you have to actually come closer and closer to discover and understand. Once you are inside the pavilion, you feel like entering an ethereal, idealistic world, where a cloud made of curtains and washed by light dominates the entire space, like a metaphor of inclusiveness, of people being equal, all under the same sky.

The space is fluid, with all the areas blending into each other, partially separated with walls of bookshelves. According to the same idea, that art, literature and culture can break any wall, the more books are taken out from the bookshelves, the more transparent the wall is starting to be.

These modular curved walls are made of cardboard boxes. To become 40 cm cubes, sheets of cardboard are folded with no use of glue, in order to easily be unfolded and lightly shipped elsewhere, for another use, maybe to a kindergarten, a school or a shelter.

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