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Open borders? What about no borders?

Nume/birou: Medievalum Exim S.R.L
Autor principal: Irina Barbu, Sabin Cornoiu, Alexandru Marinescu, Filip Popa, Ștefan Suciu


“The only true borders lie between day and night, between life and death, between hope and loss” – Erin Hunter

From these words our concept takes inspiration. We represented this idea by making a filter between reality and the different valences that a reading can offer it. A permeable boundary that activates the reader’s intuition to decipher the interior of the pavilion. The idea of the permeable border inspires the treatment of the facades, which filters the light and projects it inside through perforations in the form of a geometric pattern of shadows and lights.


The two accesses mark a journey through the “Drawing Words” exhibition, an experience in the reading world with a spontaneous and individual character. Peripherally we organized a space for book marketing, where visitors can get closer to the seating area and can create for a moment their own reading corner “at the lamplight”, in a warm and personal atmosphere. Like a core, the hub of the stand is bounded by other functions and is intended for book presentations and projections. Thus, there is a live exchange of information and experiences. The area devoted to children is designed to be a small workshop space to capture the attention and interest of the small readers actively or passively participating in storytelling sessions. Cylindrical insertions in the walls of this area are intended to give a playful and unexpected character to space, prompting children to discover it.


The predominantly used material is recycled cardboard, it creates a warm atmosphere, embodies the aesthetics of “traditional” reading of the book and also paints a light canvas inside the pavilion. The structure used is a temporary one on metal frames, easily demountable and recyclable, thus being a statement for the sustainability of temporary exhibition pavilions.

The proposal is aimed at reading lovers from different age groups, through subtle treatments of space, creating diversity in a unitary and minimalist character.

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